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6 Letters
7 Index to Advertisers
7 Senior Staff Changes
8 Forward Deployed: CSAR Hercs leave Afghanistan; C-130Js for rescue; Speed saves ....
9 Aperture: More ground troops on the way?; No effects-based opera- tions; Fun to kill some people; Nuke adjustments ....
75 Wingman Cover
From video by Vincent Harris, with staff illustration by Mike Tsukamoto
76 Get Your Motor Running
By Steven Phillips, with photos by Vincent Harris
AFA on wheels.
12 Screenshot
14 Air Force World
19 Action in Congress: Ready, Aim, Fire
66 Infographic: USAF’s History With Women
74 Verbatim
84 Namesakes: Eielson
78 AFA National Leaders
79 Chapter News
81 Stepping Up to the Plate
By Howard L. Burke
The chapter president died suddenly. Who would fill his shoes?
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