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F eb ru ary 20 17 , V ol. 10 0 , N o. 2
4 Editorial: T w elv eD ay s inD ec em b er
By Adam J . Hebert
Take nothing for granted in the Trump administration.
20 R eb u ilding th e M is s ile F orc e
By Wilson Brissett
U S AF’s Force Improv ement P rogram is now repairing problems in the ICBM force that dev eloped ov er many years.
24 Mildenhall,RacingtotheFinish
By J ohn A. Tirpak
U S AF’s big European tanker base is busier than ev er, but slated to shut down for good.
30 T h eD roneW ars
By Will S kowronski
It’s a small world after all.
36 Piv ot, Part I I
ByBrianW.Ev erstine
The U S is pressing ahead with plans to improv e airpower capabilities in the critical Paci c region.
42 T h eR u s s ians inS y ria
P hotos by Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Text by Amy McCullough
They aren’t going anywhere.
50 S ep aration A nxiety
By J ennifer Hlad
USAF may  nd that personnel shortages lead to ev en more
airmen leav ing the force.
54 NorthernExposure
6 8
By J ohn A. Tirpak Whilemaintainingitsneutrality,S weden is growing its air force and pursuing greater interoperability with the U S .
Legacy oftheLightw eightFighter C om p etition
By Erik S imonsen
It was the G eneral Dynamics Y F-16 v ersus the Northrop Y F-17.
J ac k N orth rop ’s F ly ing W ing
By J ohn T. Correll
It wasn’t killed q uite as dead as they thought.
A b ou t th e c ov er: Northrop’s prototype oftheY F-17Cobra,tailNo.015 69.S ee “Legacy of the Lightweight Fighter Compe- tition,” p. 5 9. Northrop G rumman photo.

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