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AFA Rocky Mountain Region

Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming make up the Rocky Mountain Region. The region has eight chapters; a state incorporated Aerospace Education Foundation in Utah, and Utah has the only AFA State Industrial Associates. The region has approximately 5,900 members, of which approximately 40% are in the Lance Sijan Chapter in Colorado Springs. Though this region is one of the smallest in number of members, it has a history and tradition of activities, financial strength, and leadership development. In the past ten years one Chairman of the Board, one Chairman/AE, two Secretaries and four Directors have called this region home.

These three states continue to support a wide range of Air Force missions. In the past year the region also became very involved in Cyber Patriot as 26 teams from Colorado and 3 teams from Utah competed. Clearfield HS of Utah won the competition in 2010 and placed third in the military competition in 2011.

All chapters support military units near them with awards programs and participation in local military events. All chapters are involved with local veteran’s activities and all chapters are involved with some aspect of education, either through ROTC unit participation and/or scholarship and grant programs.

The Harmon Chapter in Pueblo, CO, continues to support the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum and the Utah AFA supports the Hill AFB Museum. The Lance Sijan Chapter continues its support of Air Force Space Command by holding the Space and Cyberspace Warfare Symposium, an event that draws many individuals from around the country involved in these two important AF missions. The Sijan chapter also works closely with the US Space Foundation and the Colorado Consortium for Earth & Space Science Education, making major strides in the improvement of STEM education in CO.

The Utah AFA hosts the annual Focus on Defense Symposium and Charity golf tournament, which annually addresses significant logistics issues. In 2011 the theme for this event is “Implementing Efficiencies in Readiness and Sustainment.” The Utah AFA Industrial Associates sponsored the 2010 Hill AFB Requirements Symposium. This event allows all organizations at Hill AFB to inform industry of their planned contract activities over the upcoming five years. Also, the Northern Utah chapter held its annual Scowcroft Awards banquet for the top Missile, Space and C3 logistics and acquisition personnel throughout the Air Force.

The Cowboy chapter in WY continues to support the Missile Wing and 20th AF at FE Warren AFB. This base is at the center of ICBM activity and as such has many distinguished visitors. The Cowboy Chapter leads the community effort in welcoming these individuals.

This region owes much to those who have come before us. Emeritus officers from this region include L Boyd Anderson, Stephen P “Pat” Condon, William Croom, George M Douglas, Michael J Dugan, Dan Hendrickson, Victor R Kregel, Jack C Price, E Robert Skloss, Robert G. Stein and Mark J Worrick. Many of these past officers continue their AFA involvement on various councils and committees and currently nine region members are participating on various national committees and councils. Joan Sell is currently the AFA Secretary. Numerous other individuals from this region have also served on the Board of Directors.

This region has always had a welcoming attitude; if you move here, come join us. We welcome all who wish to participate in this wonderful mission.

Submitted by Grant Hicinbothem, President, Rocky Mountain Region

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