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Ladies And Gentlemen:

     I now have the privilege and honor of installing those officers and executive council members who have been elected to serve and represent the Air Force Association and you during the coming year. As I call your name, please come forward and stand to my __________ facing the members and guests. Please withhold your applause until they have been sworn in.

Office of President

     President-elect ________________________, yours is perhaps the office that carries the greatest responsibility and the greatest opportunity to be of service.

     You shall be expected to represent the chapter on many and varied occasions. You must always remember to speak, not as an individual, but as President of a most respected and important organization in your community.

     Members will look to you for inspiration. You will be obligated to preserve peace and harmony among the membership. You will preside over all meetings, devoting whatever time is necessary to prepare and agenda. You are expected to conduct each meeting in an orderly and business-like manner. You should insure that all courtesies are extended to the chapterís guests and speakers. It is your responsibility to make sure that your committees are continuously alerted and aware of their responsibilities. You must receive and pass on information concerning Chapter, State, Regional and National programs, projects and objectives to the membership. You should insure that all correspondence is handled promptly and correctly. It is your responsibility to call and hold Executive Council or Board meetings with regularity in order to determine your organizationís policies and programs. In general, you will do all things within the framework of your capabilities to put to good and constructive use, all things that will benefit your organization and the Air Force Association.

     Yes, this office requires ability and energy, but the rewards are great. With confidence, I ask you to accept the responsibilities of the office of President. Do you accept that responsibility?


Office of Vice President

     Will the Vice President(s) please come forward? ________________________, the office of Vice President is a most responsible one. You are obligated to familiarize yourself with all business of your organization, its finances, its constitution and bylaws, policies, objectives and programs. You will preside in the absence of the President and are bound by the same responsibilities. You must always be prepared to assume the responsibilities of that office. We are sure that you will never falter in this opportunity to be os special service to your organization and the Air Force Association.

     Again, with great confidence, I now ask you to accept the responsibilities of the office of Vice President. Do you accept that responsibility?


Office of Secretary

     Will the Secretary-elect please come forward? You have been elected to serve as Secretary and what a challenging office you have been asked to accept. President _______________ will depend a great of help and consideration for his office and responsibilities.

     Besides the fact that you are officially the keeper of organiational records and required to record the accomplishments of the organization for posterity, a great deal of the Presidentís efficiency will depend upon the businesslike manner in which you handle the affairs of your office. It is your responsibility to keep your President informed on any matter you feel important for the benefit of your organization. You are the link between the office of President and the membership. President ____________ will expect you to answer all correspondence at your earliest convenience. You are expected to prepare the activity reports reflecting your organizationís accomplishments by the established suspense date of each quarter. You have been elected to this office by your fellow AFAíers because of your qualifications and interest. Do you accept this responsibility?


Office of Treasurer

     Will Treasurer-elect ______________________ please come forward.

You have been elected to a very important office. It is your responsibility, obligation and duty to work closely with your organizationís President. You will keep the Executive Council (or membership) informed as to the financial health of your organization. It shall be your responsibility to seek early collection of all monies and to pay all obligations promptly You are the guardian of the funds and it is an honor an a challenge to make the work of the Treasurer outstanding. Your fellow AFAíers feel certain that you will do just that. Do you accept the responsibilities of Treasurer?


Members of the Executive Council

     Will the members of the Executive Council please come forward?

     You have heard your officers accept the responsibilities of their respective offices. There is no doubt of their capabilities in being able to do the job well, but they will need your help and support.

     The Executive Council is the governing body of the chapter (or organization) and yourfaithful attendance and active participation in all council and membership meetings is an absolute necessity. You must completely support your chapterís (or organizationís) programs and objectives and strive diligently to meet whatever goals that may be established.

     I ask each of you to accept the responsibilities associated with membership on the Executive Council. Do you accept these responsibilities?

     Officers and Members of the Executive Council, are you ready to receive the oath of office?




(INSTALLING OFFICER)      Please raise your right hand and repeat after me.

     "I accept the office to which I have been elected. I will perform the duties of that office to the best of my ability and will, in all my undertakings, strive for the good of the __________________ chapter. I will uphold and enforce the chapterís by-laws and will promote the aims of the Air Force Association. All of which, I now affirm in the presence of the members here assembled and before the flag of my country.

     I now install each of you into the office to which you were elected. I charge each of you to be faithful and diligent in discharging the responsibilities of your office. On behalf of the Air Force Association and through the powers invested in me, I do hereby promise you newly installed for the year 2000 to ____. Congratulations.




(INSTALLING OFFICER)      I want to impose upon you for just one minute more.

     I feel it is extremely important that we never overlook the importance of the individual AFA member. He or she is truly representative of this communityís most respected business and professional talents. By their precepts and examples, they represent and exemplify everything good that the Air Force Association stands for. By their attitude and dedication, they are responsible for the very life-blood of this chapter. Without them, there would be no organization for your officers to serve. Therefore, I challenge each AFAíer to truly revive the spirit of AFA and liberty within yourself and within this community.

     Will all AFA members please stand and give yourselves a hand.