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/ 1/ In 2016, the div erse crowd inv olv ed different types of bikes and riders
of all experience lev els. This group, photographed in Bandera, Texas, joined the AFA ride after it was underway. The ev ent had already begun to gain a reputation as one
of the best motorcycles rides in the area. / 2/ S ome 45 people turned out
in 2015 . Nearly 60 took part the next year. Here, riders line up in 2016 at a stoplight, with chapter members TS gt.
S tev en P hillips bringing up the rear left and CMS gt. Edward Edgar at the rear right. / 3/ P art of the group that joined
the ride for the stretch into Bandera.
The complete ride took some sev en hours. / 4/ Chris McCool, AFA National Director CMS gt. K athleen McCool, and Edgar at a rest stop. / 5/ Drone’s v iew
of motorcycles pulling into Bandera. / 6 / The rides prov ide a chance to meet other members of the J BS A military community. %
Alamo Chapter member TS gt. S teve n P hil- lips is an instructor at the Air Force Recruit- ing S chool, JB S A-Lackland, Texas. He rides a Harley-Davi dson V-Rod. TS gt. Vincent Harris is a recruiter in Tacoma, Wash.

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