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ep u ty M a n a g in g E d itor : Frances McKenney Pen ta g on E d itor : B rian W. E verstine
S en ior E d itor s : Wilson B rissett, Will Skowronski
6 8 8 9
L etter s
I n d ex to A d v er tis er s
S en ior S ta ff C ha n g es
F orw a rd D ep loy ed : Airpowerinthe B attle for Mosul; B ig week targeting ISIS; Raqqa as the next step ....
A p er tu r e: Paytoplay; Get’emwhile you can; B lack Diamond in the rough; 5 0-year trainer ....
12 Action in Congress:Sparring Partners?
14 Screenshot
16 AirForceWorld
21 Verbatim
84 Nam esakes:RobertGray
82 AFANationalLeaders 83 AFAFieldContacts
C on tr ib u tor s : John T. Correll, Robert S. Dud- ney, Rebecca Grant, Daniel L. Haulman, Jennifer Hlad, Otto Kreisher, Jim Mathews, Sagar N. Pathak, Molly Mae Potter, Megan Scully
Pu b lis her : Larry O. Spencer
d itor in C hief: Adam J. Hebert
a n a itor
g in g ia l D
d itor : Juliette Kelsey Chagnon
en ior D es ig n er : Heather Lewis
ec tor : John A. Tirpak
ew s E d itor : Amy McCullough
D ig ita l Pla tfor m s
E d itor : Gideon Grudo June L. Kim
A s s oc ia te E
Pr od u c tion
Photo E d itor : Mike Tsukamoto
M ed ia R es ea r c h E d itor : Chequita Wood
d itor :
a n a g er : E ric Chang Lee
A d v er tis in g : Scott Hill, James G. E lliott Co., Inc. ( 312) 348-1206
15 01 Lee Highway
77 WingmanCover
Photo by Natalie Cass
78 Ms.VeteranAmerica
B yMollyMaePotter B ootstoballgowns.
80 ChapterNews
Arlington, V A 22209-1198 Tel: ( 7 03) 247 -5 800 Telefax: ( 7 03) 247 -5 85 5
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