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J a n u a r y 20 17 , V ol. 10 0 , N o. 1
4 Editorial:Pivoting in thePhilippines
B yAdamJ.Hebert
USAF works well with the Philippine military. Will it be allowed to con- tinue?
22 CloserThan Ever
B yAmyMcCullough
The US and Japan build closer mili-
tary ties as the Far E ast gets more dangerous.
28 E m p ty R a c k s
B yJohnA.Tirpak
The Air Force is expending its preci- sion weapons almost as quickly as it receives them.
33 44 H ou r s
B y Daniel L. Haulman
OperationE nduringFreedom opened with the longest bombing missions ever  own.
38 F illin g theS ea m
B yWilsonB rissett
Kadena airmen sprang into action when a small aircraft went down dur- ing the RIMPAC exercise.
42 MonsterGarage
B yB rianW.E verstine
Give us your tired, your poor. Your huddled airframes yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse out your hangar door.
46 C A PJ oin s theTota lF orc e
B y Jim Mathews
In existence for 7 5 years, and USAF’s auxiliary for 68, CAP is a partner in major missions.
49 R eten tion Q u es tion s
B y Megan Scully
It’s not just about pay.
54 B-1,BetterThan Ever
Photography by Sagar N. Pathak Text by Otto Kreisher TheLancer’slegacyisstillbeingwrit- ten.
64 MaxwellTaylor’sTrumpet
B yJohnT.Correll JFK,impressedwithTaylor’sstrident arguments, recalled him from retire- ment, launching the era of “Flexible Response.”
71 OurGermanScientists
B yRebeccaGrant
At the end of the war in E urope, Allied teams raced to capture and exploit the best brains of the Third Reich.
A b ou tthec ov er: SSgt.KevinMerkel(left) teaches 37 9th Air E xpeditionary Wing V ice Commander Col. Samuel White how to as- semble a bomb. See “E mpty Racks,” p. 28. USAF photo by Janelle Patiñ o.

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