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Records 1501 through 2000

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MSgt Jerome Terhaar III
Capt Jodi L. Terhorst
Lt Col Burke C. Terhune USAF (Ret)
Lt Gen Charles H. Terhune Jr. USAF (Ret)
Lt Col Gerald K. Terhune USAF (Ret)
Lt Col Jack Terizan
Gregory M. Terlecki
Ms. Nellie Adelaide Terley
CMSgt Michael V. Terlizzi
Col Stephen Termaath
Surran L. Ternamian
CMSgt John A. Ternau
Maj Eugene R. Ternes
TSgt Alan F. Terounzo (Ret)
Mr. George O. Terpening
James Terpenning
Dr. Dale G. Terpstra
MSgt Dick H. Terpstra
Mr. Robert Terragnoli
Milton Terre
Col Bryce H. Terrell USAF (Ret)
C. F. 'Tery' Terrell
Mr. Charlis Terrell
Mr. Clarence Terrell Jr. USAF (Ret)
Maj Gen Frederick Terrell USAF (Ret)
Maj Gary D. Terrell
SMSgt George W. Terrell
MSgt & Mrs. Harley L. Terrell USAF (Ret)
Lt Col Harry E. Terrell
Howard Terrell USAF (Ret)
Hubert Terrell
Col James H. Terrell Jr. USAF (Ret)
CMSgt Jimmy R. Terrell USAF (Ret)
Ms. Joan A. Terrell
Mr. John W. Terrell
MSgt Leon Terrell
Staff Sergeant Michael J. Terrell
Col & Mrs. Paul W. Terrell
Maj Robert H. Terrell
Mr. Roger S. Terrell
Lt Col Royce W. Terrell USAF (Ret)
TSgt Russell S. Terrell USAF (Ret)
Mr. Thomas C. Terrell
Lt Col Thomas L. Terrell (Ret)
CMSgt Warren C. Terrell
Mr. William R. Terrell
Robert Terrett
Lt Col Royce W. Terreu (Ret)
Mr. Joseph R. Terrian
MSgt Lynn H. Terrian
Timothy J. Terrier
Mr. Edward A. Terrill Jr.
TSgt James L. Terrill
Lt Col Newell M. Terrill
Capt Robert E. Terrill
TSgt Don G. Terrio USAF (Ret)
MSgt Leo W. Terrio Jr.
Col Vincent A. Territo
1st Lieutenant Leonard Terronez
C. R. Terror
Mr. Gordon Terroux
Bradlee Terru
TSgt Almon B. Terry
Lt Col B. Terry USAF (Ret)
Ben Terry
Mr. Berry E. Terry
Billy Terry (In Memory)
Col Billy W. Terry
Lt Col Brad Terry
Mr. Bradlee Terry
TSgt Carl Terry
Charles C. Terry
Lt Col Charles W. Terry
Maj Corbin U. Terry
Ed Terry
Maj Edward N. Terry
Lt Col Everett Terry
Mr. Gregory N. Terry
Maj Hal M. Terry Jr.
Capt Harold A. Terry
Ms. Hilliard M. Terry
Col Homer T. Terry (Ret)
WO1 Jack C. Terry
Jacob Terry
CMSgt James Terry
TSgt James Terry (Ret)
Col Jay D. Terry
Ms. Joan Terry
CMSgt John C. Terry
John J. Terry Maj
Maj John R. Terry
Mr. Johnnie E. Terry Sr.
Mr. Johnny M. Terry
MSgt Larry G. Terry
Lewis Terry
R. M. Terry
Ronald J. Terry
Col Ronald W. Terry USAF (Ret)
Samuel E. Terry
MSgt Thomas L. Terry
Lt Col Truman S. Terry
Staff Sergeant Vernon Terry
SMSgt Wilbert R. Terry USAF (Ret)
Col William C. Terry
Ms. Wilfred J. Tervalon Jr.
Mrs. Fern E. Terveen
Milton Terwilliger
Lt Col Jack Terzian USAF (Ret)
Col Roger H. Terzian (Ret)
MSgt Gerald Tesch USAF (Ret)
Staff Sergeant Jeffreys Teschendorf
Mr. Frederick J. Teschner
Frederick J. Teschner
Mr. Benjamin R. Teschon
Lt Col Jimmy H. Tesh
SMSgt Mike Tesino
Lt Col Clayton H. Teske USAF
Col Steven J. Teske
Col William R. Teske
Capt Thomas Tesla
Col James Teslik USAF (Ret)
CMSgt William Teslik USAF (Ret)
Mrs. Jean Tesloff
Brig Gen Arthur P. Tesner USAF (Ret)
Anthony J. Tesori
Salvador R. Tesoro
MSgt James Tesrow (Ret)
Charidy Tess
MSgt James R. Tessaro
Henry 'E D' Tessien
Col Jesse N. Tessier USAF (Ret)
Mrs. Marguerite D. Tessier
Col Richard J. Tessier USAF (Ret)
Mr. Robert F. Tessier
Staff Sergeant Thomas Tessier
Capt Martin M. Tessler
MSgt Hollis A. Tessmer
William Test
Mr. Salvatore Testa
Maj Louis Testaguzza Esq USAF (Ret)
SMSgt Peter J. Testaverde
Testchip Technologies Inc
Edwin Keith Tester
MSgt Jimmy F. Tester USAF (Ret)
Jimmy F. Tester Jr.
Leslie Jane Tester
Michael S. Tester
Renee L. Tester
SMSgt George P. Testolin
TSgt John W. Testy
Lt Col Harry H. Teteak
MSgt Ernest L. Teter
John F. Teter
Robert Marshall Teter
SMSgt Aubrey Teters
SMSgt Bill F. Tetley
Col William B. Tetrault (Ret)
Lt Col Frank H. Tetreault Jr.
CMSgt Paul P. Tetreault
TSgt Raymond Tetreault USAF (Ret)
Robert H. Tetreault Sr.
Col Jacques K. Tetrick USAF (Ret)
Staff Sergeant Floyd L. Tetzlaff USAF
H. Tetzlaff
Maj Gen Harold C. Teubner USAF (Ret)
Mr. Charles B. Teufel
TSgt Clifford A. Teufel
Maj Jack A. Teufel
Maj Richard L. Teufel
Mr. Garret Teune
Lt Col Duane G. Teuscher USAF (Ret)
Mr. Frank F. Teuschler
TSgt Isbon J. Teuton
Mr. Stanley E. Teutsch
Maj Kenneth P. Tevebaugh
MSgt Rudy L. Tevebaugh USAF (Ret)
Mr. Henry Tevelin
MSgt Juan Tew
Lt Col Lewis L. Tew
Staff Sergeant Robert F. Tew
Maj Scott J. Tew
MSgt William L. Tew (Dec)
Louis E. Tewell
CMSgt Martin H. Tewes
Mr. Donald A. Tews
MSgt Donald W. Tews
Afa Texas
MSgt Gerald E. Texley
L. S. Bud Teyema
Edward Teysko
Lt Col Frank J. Tezky
Mrs. Wanda H. Tezky
Mr. Anthony V. Tezla
555th Tfs
Kathey K. (Gassaway) (Green) Th
J. Thackaberry
Capt John W. Thackara USAF
Mr. William C. Thackara
Ms. Allie A. Thacker
Barbara Thacker
Col Bob B. Thacker USAF (Ret)
Maj Buford Thacker
Staff Sergeant Eddie Thacker USAF (Ret)
Lt Col Elmer C. Thacker
MSgt Harold L. Thacker
J. A. Thacker
Lt Col Jack H. Thacker (Ret)
M. Thacker
Mr. Marvin Thacker
Lt Col Ruby L. Thacker
Mr. Thomas Thacker
Mr. Thomas L. Thacker
Truman N. Thacker
Col Victor L. Thacker
Robert A. Thackery
Maj Logan W. Thackrey
Ms. Lillian B. Thada
MSgt David Thaden
Theresa M. Thaete
Mr. Thanh Thai
Bernhardt N. Thal
Lawrence S. Thal
Mary Thalacker (In Memory)
MSgt Stanley C. Thalacker
CMSgt Leo G. Thalassites
Col William J. Thalberg
Maj Barbara J. Thaler
Lt Col William B. Thaler
Staff Sergeant Raymond B. Thall
Earl E. Thalwitzer
H. Wayne Thames
Luke B. Thames Jr.
Mr. Marvin Thames
Col Paul F. Thams
Col James W. Thar (Ret)
Mrs. James W. Thar
Col Charles H. Tharinger
MSgt Cortez Tharp USAF (Ret)
Cortez Tharp
Mrs. Evangeline E. Tharp
Freeland M. Tharp
SMSgt George W. Tharp
SMSgt Harold A. Tharp II
Col Harold A. Tharp USAF (Ret)
Mr. John W. Tharp Jr.
MSgt Kenneth K. Tharp
Mary F. Tharp
Lt Col Russell E. Tharp (Ret)
Lt Col Susan M. Tharp (Ret)
W. R. Tharp
Capt Wallace L. Tharp
Maj James A. Tharpe Jr.
MSgt Jerry E. Tharpe
Maj John H. Thatch
MSgt Charles H. Thatcher
Sgt. David N. Thatcher
Lt Col Frederick S. Thatcher
John C. Thatcher
MSgt John C. Thatcher
Mr. John West Thatcher
Col Robert C. Thatcher
Ms. Viola Thatcher
Lt Col Alfred Thaxton
Mr. Harold D. Thaxton
R. S. Thaxton
Lt Col Walter H. Thaxton
Mr. Allen B. Thayer
Ms. Angelita Thayer
Mr. Brian W. Thayer
SMSgt Charles L. Thayer USAF (Ret)
D. Thayer
MSgt Dale K. Thayer
Lt Col David L. Thayer USAF (Ret)
TSgt Donald G. Thayer
Mr. Edward B. Thayer
Col Frederick C. Thayer Jr.
Gary W. Thayer
Lt Col George V. Thayer USAF (Ret)
Gordon M. Thayer
Col J. Thayer Jr.
Mrs. Jeanne C. Thayer
MSgt John A. Thayer
Col John M. Thayer Jr.
John T. Thayer
Larry R. Thayer
Mr. Reginald H. Thayer Jr.
CMSgt Robert H. Thayer
Mr. Robert W. Thayer Jr.
Mr. William Allen Thayer
Mr. David E. Thayne
David E. & Jaqualyn Thayne
The 307th Bombardment Group
The 440th Troop Carrier Group Associates
The 89th Troop Carrier Group WWII
The Abraham L. Hankin Trust
The Acacia Group
The Aerospace Corporation
The Air Show Network
The Andersons
The Arnolds
The Beauchenes of Milwaukee Wisconsin
The Berardinelli Family
The Boeing Company
The Campbells
The Charitable Organization of Santa Clara
The Chiefs Group - Tyndall AFB
The Clark Construction Group Inc.
The Dayton Foundation
The Fighting Airmen Squad of Fighter
The Freedom Forum
The Glider Pilots of WWII
The Huck Family Foundation
The James Snyder Family (Ohio)
The Kayser Foundation
The Kelly Family in Memory of
The Lagator Family
The Lighthouse Group
The Matching Gift Center
& Women The Men
The Mighty 8th Air Heritage Center
The Mitre Corporation
The Northern Trust Company
The Old Family Airmen
The Onyx Group
The Palmer Family
The Retired Enlisted Association
The Rlb Companies
The Sarah And Ross Perot Junior
The Stalag Luft Iv & Vi
The Students of Als Class 01e
The Volrath Brothers
Maj Thomas A. Theado
Walter A. Theall
Col Christian J. Thearle
Mrs. Christian J. Thearle
Lt Col Royal R. Theberge
Capt Allen L. Thede
Maj Thomas M. Theders
Lt Col Thomas M. Thedford (Ret)
Mr. Robert Theil
Mr. Herbert B. Theiling
Mrs. Sylvia D. Theiring
Maj Edward Theis USAF (Ret)
Lt Col George I. Theis
MSgt John E. Theis USAF (Ret)
Ronald S. Theis
Ward Theis
Wilma J. Theis
CMSgt Alvin M. Theisen
Emmett J. 'Ty' Theisen
Mabel Theisen
Evelyn Theiss
CMSgt Jimmy L. Theiss
TSgt Richard L. Thelander
Ms. Kim D. Theleen
Lt Col Boyce C. Thelen USAF (Ret)
Lt Col Charles J. Thelen
Mr. David Thelen Sr.
Gary W. Thelen
Maj John J. Thelen
Peter Thelen
Maj Thomas S. Thelen
SMSgt Keri Ann Then (Ret)
George Spencer Thenault
SMSgt Frank G. Thenn Jr. USAF (Ret)
CMSgt Arch R. Theobald
Lt Col Truman R. Theobald
Lt Col Nicholas Theochares
Lt Col Nicholas Theochares USAF (Ret)
Mr. Christopher Theodorou
Sgt. George Theodorou
Lt Col Ted G. Theodorou
SMSgt Elias L. Theodosis
Georgia F. Theodosis
Maj Steven D. Theodosis USAF (Ret)
Mr. Dionisios A. Theokas
Maj Lester J. Theophilakos
Lt Col John R. Theorell
Col Gregory O. Theos USAF (Ret)
Col Janet A. Therianos
Julia Theriault
CMSgt Norman O. Theriault
Mr. William Theriault
MSgt William T. Theriault
Lt Col Russell A. Therien
MSgt Edgar Theriien
Donald J. Theriot
Edward P. Theriot
Lt Col Edward R. Therkelsen
MSgt Harry E. Theroux
Roland L. Theroux
Staff Sergeant Roland L. Theroux
MSgt Eugene J. Therriault
CMSgt Brian A. Therrien
C/Ssgt Alexander G. Therrien
MSgt Edgar Therrien
SMSgt Gerald M. Therrien
Ms. Joni R. Therrien
Maurice R. Therrien
Col Michael G. Therrien
Lt Col Patrick E. Therrien
Mr. Sam C. Therrien
A. E. Thetford USAF
Jeffrey Thetford
CMSgt Allen G. Theuer (Ret)
Lt Col Harold C. Theus USAF (Ret)
Staff Sergeant Matthew T. Thewes
David C. Thewlis
Lt Col Alphonse U. Thibaudeau USAF
Sgt. Daniel R. Thibault
Lt Col Francis J. Thibault
Lt Col Robert E. Thibault II
Mr. Warren Thibeau
CMSgt Mark A. Thibeault
Oliver J. Thibeault
Richard A. Thibeault
MSgt Carl A. Thibodaux USAF (Ret)
MSgt Wesley J. Thibodaux USAF (Ret)
Mr. David Thibodeau
CMSgt Dianne M. Thibodeau
MSgt Donald Thibodeau
Mr. Ernest Thibodeau
MSgt James W. Thibodeau
Joseph Thibodeau
Mr. Lawrence Thibodeau
Mr. Lewis C. Thibodeau
Lewis C. Thibodeau USAF (Ret)
Mr. Pete Thibodeau
Peter Thibodeau
Robert W. Thibodeau USAF (Ret)
TSgt Ronald Thibodeau USAF (Ret)
SMSgt Robert M. Thibodeaux
Mr. & Mrs. Val A. Thiebauth
Mr. Marvin J. Thiede
Alfred G. Thiel Jr.
Lt Col Floyd I. Thiel
Mr. Thomas M. Thiel
Clement A. Thiela
Lt Col Harold E. Thiele
Mr. R. Ted Thiele
Mr. Ted Thiele
TSgt Wendell G. Thiele
SMSgt William J. Thiele
Mr. Cliff Thieleke
Lt Col Walter L. Thieleke
Lt. Albert F. Thielen
Mr. George J. Thielen
Reynold Thielen
Staff Sergeant Arnold E. Thielke USAF (Ret)
MSgt Raymond Thielke USAF (Ret)
Mr. Arnold J. Thielman
CMSgt Gale W. Thielman
Mr. Milton Thiem
Mr. Eberhard Thieme
Lt Col Richard G. Thieme (Ret)
Roy Thieme
Lt Col Phillip M. Thienel
Lt Col Phillip M. Thienel (In Memory)
TSgt James J. Thier
CMSgt Manfred P. Thier
Charles R. Thies
Maj Gen Arthur P. Thiesen
Ms. Tara E. Thiessen
Lt Col Charles A. Thigpen
Lt Col Charles A. Thigpen USAF (Ret)
Hon Judge Charles A. Thigpen
Earl Thigpen
MSgt James Thigpen Jr.
MSgt James S. Thigpen
CMSgt Jerry Thigpen
MSgt Matthew W. Thigpen
MSgt Millard Thigpen
Mr. Roy W. Thigpen
Ken Thill
Mr. Ronald G. Thill
Col Walter T. Thilly
MSgt Dennis E. Thimm
Fred W. Thimm
Mrs. Freda L. Thimm
Mr. Gene E. Thimmes
Arthur R. Thimsen
Mr. Leroy C. Thing
Nancy Thinnes
MSgt Clover B. Thirsk
Thirteen Seventy Nine Air Force Sgt's
Mr. Charles E. Thiseault
Richard Thistlethwaite USAF (Ret)
E. A. Thistlewaite
Sgt. Timothy G. Thivierge
Jerry L. Thixton
Maj Carl W. Thode
Elizabeth M. Thode
Kirk J. Thode
Mrs. June Rosal Thoeni
Maj Kenneth C. Thoeni
Maj Bob F. Thoens
Lt Col Bob F. Thoens
Melanie G. Thoens
Mr. Robert Thoesen
Col Alton J. Thogersen USAF (Ret) (In Memory)