Peter Huessy's 2012 AFA NDIA and ROA Congressional Breakfast Seminar Series

The Peter Huessy Congressional Breakfast Seminar Series began in 1983 as a parallel effort to the Reagan administrationís strategic modernization and arms control agenda. In 1992, we added a much expanded missile defense series and then in 2000, we added a homeland security component. The series hears from senior administration and top congressional leaders in strategic nuclear matters, missile defense policy and deployment, and homeland security. The series also hears from outside experts, including former US and allied government and military leaders on these issues to further highlight, explain and comment on administration policy and threats facing America. The series has heard from over 1500 speakers including four former Vice Presidentís of the United States, Senate and House Armed Services Committee chairmen, top military leaders including the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the service chiefs and key military commanders. The series pays particular attention to the threats from nuclear and biological terrorism, state sponsors of terror, especially Iran and North Korea, and their allies, including Russia and China. The series emphasizes the building of consensus and exploring areas of agreement where US security can be enhanced, as well as carefully explaining what conventional wisdom and popular media analysis often ignore.

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The Next Inheritance
In December 2008, David Sanger published "The Inheritance", a slashing condemnation of President Bush and his administration's policies in the Middle East and particularly with respect to Iran...More...

Defence Spending Ė the True Picture
by Peter Huessy
The administration has announced we will spend $525 billion in the next fiscal year on the Department of Defense, a dramatic reduction from the planned budget of $571 billion introduced just a year ago...More...

Realizing a Global Layered Missile Defense System
By Peter Huessy
Russia is demanding the United States stop building missile defenses in Europe, just as it simultaneously assists Iran in building the very missiles that threaten NATO.

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